Vaccine-segregation has ended for places of worship

From Thursday 16th December 2021 inclusive, places of worship are no longer required to segrate their parishioners according to vaccination status. The Church, the Body of Christ, is one again. Parishioners are welcome to attend any Mass without booking or attendance limits. Our normal Mass schedule is in place. Parishioners who are concerned for their health are welcome to continue wearing masks, though masks are not mandatory. We look forward to seeing you at your usual Sunday Mass again.

Sunday Masses


Confession | 4.30pm
Vigil Mass of Sunday | 5.00pm


Confession | 8.00am
Sunday Mass | 8.30am

Confession | 10.00am
Sunday Mass | 10.30am

Confession | 4.30pm
Sunday Mass | 5.00pm

Weekday Masses


No confessions
6.30pm | Mass


9.00am | Confession
9.30am | Mass

5.30pm | Holy Hour with St Anthony Novena
6.30pm | Mass


7.00am | Confession *
7.30am | Mass *

9.00am | Confession
9.30am | Mass


9.00am | Confession
9.30am | Mass


7.00am | Confession *
7.30am | Mass *

9.00am | Confession
9.30am | Mass

* The 7.30am Mass is only celebrated during school term.

St Anthony’s Christmas Mass Schedule 2021

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

7.00pm – 8.00pm
Wednesday, 22nd December 2021
The three priests of the parish and a visiting priest will be available.

Reconciliation is also available 30 mins prior to all regularly scheduled Masses.

Christmas Eve
Friday, 24th December 2021

Carols | 5.30pm
Vigil Mass | 6.00pm

Carols | 7.30pm
Vigil Mass | 8.00pm

Carols | 11.30pm
Midnight Mass | 12.00am

Christmas Day
Saturday, 25th December 2021

Carols | 8.30pm
Mass | 9.00am